How To Add Twitter To Your Website

You can add put a timeline right there on your website. But how?

Along with Facebook Twitter is now one of the most visited and popular social media websites.twitter

For the uninitiated Twitter is a micro social networking site. Or is sometimes called a micro blogging website.

Users can send very short messages called “tweets” which are limited to 140 characters long. Hence the “micro”.

It was created in 2006 and by 2012 had 500 million registered users. Twitter is one of the giants of social media.

However if you have a website it’s perfectly possible to add Twitter to your website. You can do so in a number of different ways.

One of the simplest ways of doing this is by adding a simple Twitter button to your website. This is a small unobtrusive button which users can use to perform some simple actions.

For example users can share a link, follow your on Twitter, share a hashtag and more.

To add one of these buttons to your website visit this page on Twitter and follow the instructions.

However this is only one of a number of things that you can do to add a Twitter feed to your website. There are much more complex options available than this.

It’s perfectly possible to embed your Twitter timeline onto your website. Doing this connects your readers with all of your recent tweets or for that matter tweets that others create on Twitter.

You will most likely be familiar with seeing a Twitter timeline on a website. It’s generally in a sidebar on the website and shows a progression of tweets and retweets by the owner of the website and has a small button which allows you to “follow”that person on Twitter.

So how do you add a Twitter timeline to your website?

The first thing you need to do is to login to your Twitter account. Once you’ve done that you’ll find, at the top right next to the “compose new tweet” a small icon that looks like a gear. Click this and go to your settings. Continue Reading →

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Facebook. Is It Dying?

Is Facebook no longer “cool”?

facebookThe rise of Facebook has to be one of the most extraordinary stories of the Internet era. From nowhere Facebook has risen to be one of the great internet behomyths.

In 2004 Facebook was unheard of. Ten years later it is a billion dollar listed company that has made many people extremely rich.

At the time of its initial IPO, fibrillar first 2012, the documentation of Facebook announced that the company had 845 million active monthly users there were 2.7 billion daily likes and comments on the website.

However it is now the case, according to Facebook itself as posted on the Facebook for business blog on 5 December 2013 that when someone visits their News Feed they can be faced with up to 1500 stories which will result in a general decline in organic reach for many posts.

And of course Facebook is encouraging commercial Facebook users to resort to paid advertising to try and maintain the same level of reach that they achieved in the past without paying.

As well as this there is also evidence that user growth on Facebook slowing. It appears that growth in Facebook user numbers is not accelerating in any user region.

Charts which measure additional monthly users, by the quarter, are showing a noticeable decline.

Of course the increase in Facebook users can’t continue forever. There are only so many people on the planet so it simple logic that growth will slow down.

However there is other data showing that some of Facebook’s most solid adherents, teenagers, are now not using Facebook as much as they did in the past. Continue Reading →

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How The Cell Phone Is Revolutionizing Social Media

phoneHow can such a small device have such a huge effect?

Over the last 10 years a small hand-held device has taken the world by storm. Of course I’m talking about the cell phone, one of the most extraordinary devices known to man.

10 years ago it was reasonably rare to see a cell phone. Now it’s almost impossible to go anywhere in public without seeing one. In fact research shows that 91% of adults in the US have their mobile phone within arms reach day and night.

And of course the rise of smartphones which featured the ability to do just about anything you can do a regular computer, including on the Internet, has been a revolution in cell phone use.

Clever entrepreneurs have created millions of Apps for users of cell phones. Mashable is now reporting that the use of Apps on cell phones increased by 115% in 2013.

Research is showing the most frequently used apps are the social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It seems that huge numbers of people are using their mobile phones to access social media.

So it’s interesting to consider how, and why, so many people are using their phone for connecting in ways that do not involve a phone call.

Of course social networks are created so that people can share photos, or interests and news with other people or groups of people.

With the rise of the social media apps that can all be done quickly and easily on your phone without the necessity for a call.

People can share news and events instantly on any of the major social networks. Continue Reading →

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Why Is Amazon A Website Owners Best Friend?

Nowadays it seems that just about everybody has a website. Even teenagers now seem to want to have, or already do have, a website of their own and with the technological expertise of the modern teenager they probably also have quite a few visitors to their website.

However, in most cases, it costs money to have a website. Whilst it’s not a huge amount of money there is certainly a cost involved in building a website unless you use someone else’s free platform such as WordPress or Blogger.

So if you’ve got a website of your own and have some visitors to the site wouldn’t it be nice to make a little money from it to help cover the costs of running that website? A little income to cover both the money and the time that you spend on your website?

The good news is that it’s perfectly possible to make a little money from your website and if you wish to do that then Amazon is your friend. I’ll explain how using a simple website about knife sharpeners as an example.

Take a look at this page on a website about knife sharpeners. On that page you will see a whole stack of knife sharpeners listed, with information on each sharpener so that readers can find the best knife sharpener for their needs.

You’ll see there is a link next to each sharpener, and if you hover your pointer over the link you will see a small box pop up showing that product on Amazon. Go ahead and give it a try now.

Then click the link and you’ll find that it takes you to the exact page on Amazon which sells that product.

If you were to click that link, go to Amazon and buy that particular product (or any other) then the owner of the knife sharpeners website will get a small commission. It will be small, only a few percent, however that is a small return to the owner of the website for forwarding your business to Amazon.

That is what is called an “affiliate program”. An affiliate program is run by a website like Amazon to give people who own small websites, like you, the capacity to earn a small amount of money from referring business to them.

Of course you don’t sell knife sharpeners on your website, Amazon do. So you can’t sell a knife sharpener to your visitor (or whatever else it is that you talk about on your website). But you can certainly refer your visitor to the Amazon page featuring the best knife sharpeners for them.

As a website owner it will cost you nothing to join their affiliate program and once you’ve done so you’ll get access to a range of tools which will allow you to build simple links to Amazon products so that your visitors can do the same thing, namely click through to Amazon to purchase a product which will earn you a small commission.

Here’s another example Rather than seeing a table you will see an image of a product, in that case a wet stone knife sharpener. Click on the image and you’ll find that you also go through to Amazon where you will be presented with the page selling that wet stone sharpener.

So if you have a small website and have visitors to your website it’s perfectly possible, if you’re talking about products on your website, to make a small income from it and to help repay some of the cost to you, both in time and money, of setting up and running your website. It’s called an affiliate program and Amazon is a good place to find an affiliate program like that.

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How Responsive Design Helps to Grow Online Phlebotomy Directories

People are glued to their mobile devices. And technology can follow us everywhere we go.

Social media, web browsing, and games can all be played from a smartphone or tablet, which we can pick up and take with us anywhere. With the emergence of newer tablets and mobile gadgets, the mobile experience is a given. People take for granted the opportunity to simply install the applications that they need. Then use them.

And most importantly they take for granted that when they view a website on a tablet or smartphone that it will look good! After all, most website developers have already created a mobile counterpart for easier access. And if they’re smart, they will look to make it responsive!

Why Responsive Design is a Must in the Digital Age

With the increasing availability of smartphones and tablet, more websites have felt the need to become mobile friendly. This is a strategy that will never fail. As a matter of fact, it has been predicted, according to studies, that by this year, mobile usage will simply overpower desktop usage. Even purchasing online can now be done through mobile devices, rather than waiting for a desktop to turn on and process transaction. People would prefer to use what’s ‘handy’.

This is where responsive design comes in. This type of design is the highly recommended configuration among mobile phones. Regardless of the device in use, web pages with responsive design only have a single URL and same HTML. As a result, Google finds it easier to index, crawl, and organize content.

One of the most interesting features of responsive web design is that it is user friendly, and offers good experience regardless of the device being used. For example, a woman who uses both her smartphone and a tablet will find it easy to search for any website with responsive web design, not minding whether both devices have the same screen size or not. With responsive web design, the user experience is consistent.

How a Phlebotomy Directory Creates an Amazing User Experience with Responsive Design

So how have websites adapted to the need of responsive design today? Especially in the booming industry of healthcare, where job hunters are searching for ways to train themselves for healthcare jobs.

Let’s say someone wants to learn how to become a phlebotomist. He can search for a potential school online, but the experience is usually terrible. In some industries like healthcare, with slower adaptation to new technology, its common to find sites with poor user experience on mobile.

But a responsive website would make it easy to search for phlebotomy schools, even while using a smartphone. As a result, it is easier to keep track of certain websites that post regular updates on such information.

Searching for particular information has also never been easier with a website that runs with responsive web design. For example, if you are in the San Diego area, you will easily find in this list of phlebotomy certification classes in San Diego.

These days, there is an ongoing debate as to whether a separate mobile website is better over a responsive website. The truth is, both designs have their pros and cons. However, if the purpose of the website is to offer convenience, and have a streamlined option, the responsive web design has a better edge over the other. A website that runs in this design is also very easy to manage, and thus, favored by many.

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How Facebook Helped Me Decide on a Medical Alert System

My mom is getting older and is having difficulty getting around her home. Recently she has fallen and could not get up. She has a hard time getting up by herself and a neighbor had to assist her on a few occasions. After hearing this I did some research online and reached out to my Facebook friends to see what I could do. Many medical alert companies like Life Station have a Facebook page. I did a lot of research and found this website is a great resource for reviews and ratings of medical alert systems. I discovered medical alert systems are a good way for my mom to have emergency help in the case of a medical emergency. I spent a lot of time weighing all the options before making a final decision. I feel the readers of this blog will benefit from my research, so without further ado here is what I learned.

Traditionally, medical alert systems consist of a base station that is connected to the phone landline. In case of an emergency, the senior can press the help button and get connected to the monitoring center within seconds. A trained and experienced agent will ask questions to assess your situation before procuring relevant help. Emergency personnel will be at your doorstep within a few minutes, even if you are unable to move or talk. You can sign up for additional services depending your needs.

Medical alert systems have changed significantly since their launch in the 1970s. Companies have introduced newer machines that are durable and attractive. The entire process has become more efficient. Seniors and individuals with disabilities also have an opportunity to upgrade their service to include medication monitoring, smoke and carbon monoxide detection, mobile alerts, automatic fall detection, and lock boxes.

Apart from catering to the needs of the subscriber, medical alert system providers stay in constant touch with the family members as well and keep them informed about every development. Advances in technology, especially the advent of the Internet, have contributed significantly to improved communication and efficiency of the medical alert systems.

Constant Updates
Many personal emergency alert system companies provide regular updates and monthly reports to the family members of the subscribers. Web technology has simplified the process. Some companies send emails with detailed monthly reports. Others have created dashboards on their websites. Family members can log into their account using a specific password. The dashboard will have information about every type of assistance requested by the senior along with the outcome. Family members can also find general information about the account including billing and service options. They can use the dashboard to help their parents receive appropriate help. The dashboard is completely safe and secure. All the information remains confidential as the page is completely protected by the password.

Medication Alerts and Other Features
When subscribers sign up for medical monitoring service, they receive a box that is connected to the medical alert system or the traditional phone line. Seniors can place their weekly or monthly supply of medications in the box and set up the time. The system will automatically inform the agent if the senior forgets to take the medication within 30 minutes of the stipulated time. Apart from calling the senior and reminding him about the medication, the agent will also inform the family members by sending an email or posting an alert on the dashboard.

Seniors can also choose to place their home keys in a password-protected lock box offered by the medical alert system provider. Only family members and emergency personnel can access the key and help the senior. All the transactions related to the lock box are also recorded on the dashboard.

Online updates and emails also offer convenience. Family members can access them through their computers, phones and other mobile devices. They can stay connected to the system at all times and from anywhere in the world. This can offer peace of mind to the seniors and their loved ones.

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The Outsourcing Of Articles Is Becoming More Common Online

The Internet is getting bigger and bigger all the time, and there are thousands of websites, or possibly even hundreds of thousands of websites, going up every single day.

And as Google gets more intent on insisting on quality content the importance of the quality of the content on a website is increasing.

In the past website owners used to turn to tools such as spinning tools and auto generation to produce content for a website. That is now no longer working and so website owners are forced into either writing their own articles or outsourcing the articles.

And we have been writing some of these articles for website owners lately as a freelance writer. Here is an example of one, about fish oil supplements.

There’s many places where the owners of websites can go to seek the services of a freelance writer to write web content for them. One of the most well-known is Elance, being one of the original websites for freelance workers, but since then dozens and dozens have cropped up.

Owners of websites can join these places and request article is to be written, and freelance writers who have also joined can then elect to write the article. Usually the article is specified with a subject, the number of words to be written and the amount to be paid to the freelance writer for writing the article.

This is getting more and more common and more and more people are making a living online as freelance writers writing web content. Of course short articles are only part of what is being outsourced, for a long time freelance writers have been ghost writing ebooks on behalf of website owners who either do not have the expertise, time or enthusiasm for writing an entire book themselves.

There are some advantages to being a freelance writer writing web content. There are millions of people in low-wage countries who have very good computer skills. So if you are attempting to make a living online in areas where these people can work, for example doing computer graphics, you are competing with all of these people who are just as good as you at doing computer graphics and who are willing to work at a fraction of the price.

However most of these people live in countries where English is not the native language, and therefore they are less likely to be successful as a freelance writer writing in English because they are unable to write native English. Many of these people attempt to make a living writing freelance, but when you read their article it doesn’t read properly.

This therefore gives a huge advantage to anyone who is seeking to work as a freelance writer online and who speaks English as a native language. They have a huge advantage over all of their competition who do not speak native English.

I’ve tried doing some web content writing recently for owners of other websites. I’ve enjoyed it and whilst it’s not highly paid it’s certainly a way to earn some extra income online.

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